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Akron Power Squadron's
Page of Nautical Tools

The following tools are for your use for fun and learning.  No warrantee is made pertaining to the accuracy of the results of these tools.  Akron Power Squadron and United States Power Squadron is not liable for any damages incurred due to the reliance upon the results of these tools by the user.

Otherwise, ENJOY!!

Nautical Flags Learn the International Code Flags or test your knowledge of them. Create messages, learn from scratch and/or test your knowledge.
Nautical Conversion Convert Statute units of measure to Nautical units of measure and vice verse.
Sight Reduction Reduce your Celestial Sites using the Law of Cosines method of Sight Reduction.
Charts Print off a copy of the nautical chart for your favorite inland boating area in NE Ohio.
Experienced Boater Exam Take the Experienced Boaters Review Exam in preparation for the Safe Boating Exam to qualify you for USPS/Akron Power Squadron membership.

Any errors discovered in the results of any of these tools should be reported to the webmaster. Please forward all input pertaining to the error. Thanks!

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