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D/7 2003 Fall Conference

Viva Las Vegas!

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Another award-winning hospitality suite was created by the Akron Power Squadron Conference Planning Committee superstars, continuing a long string of winning hospitality suites, which is fast becoming the trademark of Akron Power Squadron!

Many have asked where we "rented" these costumes. We must give credit where credit is due - the hard-working ladies of the Conference Planning Committee made all these costumes! Many hours of hard work were contributed towards this just cause and we have to pass the kudos and our deepest thanks to these hard-working ladies for an extraordinary job well done!

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Our Heralder and Merlin, The Magician. Guenevere anxiously awaits - for whom? Merlin makes his appearance.
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A tryst between the Lady-In-Waiting and the Court Jester? When Guenevere's away - King Arthur will play! A Lady-In-Waiting - waiting to have her cup filled, that is.
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Our ever-faithful knight guards the kingdom's stores and Excaliber King Arthur and Guenevere serve up a toast. The Coat-of-Arms overseas the gaming table and slot machine.
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These knights seem to have staked their claim on these two damsels. Three damsels in distress - any dashing knights available? The heartbreaker of the evening - the slot machine.
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What's this? Knights mingling with the civilian crowd? King Arthur and his trusty Excaliber. Let's not forget some of those who helped put this "production" together.
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Another Lady-In-Waiting anticipating (or hoping for) a long knight (night?). Our Executive Officer receives the coveted Rocky River Tankard Award at the Saturday evening dinner and awards ceremony. This knight seems to have worn himself out trying to extract Excaliber from the stone.

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