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Learn the skills for safe recreational boat operation at America’s Boating Course. In person training offered by Akron Sail & Power Squadron. 

America’s Boating Course

Taking a boating class reduces your risk of accidents and injuries, saves you money on boat insurance, and qualifies you for meeting the requirements for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Boater Education Law.

America’s Boating Course is the most comprehensive, single source, in-person boating course available to give you the skills you need to enjoy your time on the water and boat with confidence. 


Learn the advanced skills for recreational boat operation. Marine Navigation and Boat Handling. Offered by the Akron Sail & Power Squadron

Boat Handling

Online, Instructor led

Learn how to handle your boat in a variety of situations and become the skipper you want to be. Gain confidence in docking, underway, anchoring, and other seamanship skills. Our new Boat Handling course is intended for newer recreational boaters who have completed a basic boating class (like America’s Boating Course) and want to gain more knowledge, skill, and confidence to boat safely and have more fun in a variety of situations.

Marine Navigation

Online, Instructor led

You won’t ever get lost or run aground when you know marine navigation, whether for short day trips or long multi-day cruises. Learn the essentials of safe coastal and inland navigation using basic GPS in conjunction with charts and other marine data. The Marine Navigation course teaches you how to use the GPS along with traditional dead reckoning techniques for planning and laying out safe routes, as well as ensuring that you are on-course while underway.

Marine Electrical Systems

Online, Instructor led

Don’t get short circuited; learn how boat electrical systems work, how to diagnose problems, and how to do simple repairs and upgrades. Boat electrical systems are increasingly under load with power demands for electronic navigation, radar, powered windlasses and winches, interior and exterior lighting, personal electronic devices, and more. Most boats have both DC and AC power. Learn about voltage drops, current demands, wiring, and so on.


Paddle Smart On-the-water Kayak Training

On the Water, Instructor led

Paddling is an opportunity to get close to nature, have fun and get quality exercise. That’s why it’s the fastest growing part of recreational boating today. ASPS Kayak Seminar is intended for those about to join the sport or those considering purchasing paddling equipment. Seminar is open to the public.


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