Just getting started?  Try “America’s Boating Course“.   The course meets requirements for Ohio’s Mandatory Boater Education requirement (the Ohio Boater Education Card), required for all boat operators born on or after January 1, 1982 who operate a boat over 10hp. The boater education card should be carried onboard the vessel while underway.

Looking for Advanced Navigational Courses? The Akron Sail & power Squadron offers coursework in advanced topics (Boat Handling, Marine Navigation, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, and Navigation) that have to do with vessel operation and navigation. These “Advanced Courses” should be taken in order as each class builds on the concepts taught in the prior classes. There is a 7 year plan which is intended to provide students with the opportunity to complete the courses in their respective order. The 7 year plan also includes the Elective Boating Courses (Sail, Engine Maintenance, Weather, Marine Electronics, Cruise Planning and Instructor Development). The electives can be taken at any time.

To learn how to safely navigate the water with a canoe or kayak,  you might like our Paddle Smart classes.

Our Seminars are a great way to learn about a specific topic and involves only two-hours of class time.  There are a variety of interesting boating topics available. Give them a try.

Come and  learn in an interactive setting, meet new friends, see old ones, learn together, have your questions answered at our Boaters Workshops

Contact: Chip Ingram  for sign ups and or questions.


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