Advanced Navigation Courses

The Advanced Navigational Courses (Boat Handling, Seamanship, Marine Navigation, Advanced Marine Navigation, Offshore Navigation, and Celestial Navigation) have to do with vessel operation and navigation. These “Advanced Courses” should be taken in order as each class builds on the concepts taught in the prior classes. The 6 year plan below is intended to provide students with the opportunity to complete the courses in their respective order. The 6 year plan also includes the elective boating courses (Sail, Engine Maintenance, Weather, Marine Electronics, Cruise Planning and Instructor Development). The electives can be taken at any time.


Advanced courses currently on the schedule for 2022 are:

Boat Handling – Tuesday evenings – Begins October 5  REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS


Contact: Chip Ingram for sign ups and or questions.


This schedule is subject to change – a class may be scheduled more often as demand dictates. However, we make every effort possible not to cancel a scheduled class.



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