Learn how to navigate the oceans using a sextant, stars, planets, sun and moon.

This is the last of the Advanced Grades series. It is the most difficult of the series and, as expected, requires the most time outside of class. This course is oriented towards the theory behind Celestial Navigation and more advanced topics on the subject.

This course is about one year long. Again, no classroom work is done during the summer, though there is field work to be completed.

Course Content:

Sight Reduction: Nautical Almanac Method (review)
Sight Reduction: Law of Cosines Method
Sight Reduction: Special Methods
Sextant and Sextant Altitude Corrections (review)
Navigational Coordinates
Navigational Time
Using Celestial Bodies to Calibrate Your Compass
Solar and Lunar Phenomena
Identification of Celestial Bodies (review)
Navigational Astronomy
Sight Reduction: Pub. No. 249
Great Circle Sailing
Emergency Navigation
A Day’s Work at Sea

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