Radar for Boaters

23 Mar 2022 - 19:00


RADAR is an essential tool for navigation and collision avoidance. The course covers the different types of radar equipment, their capabilities and limitations, as well as their features and how they apply to boaters’ needs.  It covers what you need to know about radar, from how and where to mount the antenna to how to interpret the displays, so you can use your radar for collision avoidance and for navigational purposes.

By using practical examples, extensively illustrated with screen captures, the newcomer to radar as well as the experienced mariner will learn how to tune a radar system, interpret the display under real-life conditions, and take advantage of all of the built-in features and functions to use radar effectively as a real-time navigational tool. The 248 page book includes step-by-step examples of an actual trip showing the radar display with the corresponding chart to show how to interpret the display in a variety of weather conditions. Today’s next generation radar systems, which combine the chart plotter display, are also covered in this comprehensive explanation of marine radar systems as well as tips and recommendations for the purchase and installation of a new system.

The course fee is  $150 for non members, $75 discount for ASPS member which includes the 248 page text, “The Radar Book”, by Kevin Monahan.

To attend, or for more information, contact Ken Leque, (330) 546-2563, or   kenleque@sssnet.com

Classes run from 7 to 9PM each Wednesday evening for 7 weeks starting March 23.  The course is open to the public and has been developed to help boaters better understand radar. The class will be taught online.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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