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USPS logo with textWhat is USPS?   Organized in 1914, the United States Power Squadrons is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to improving the boating skills of our members by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects.  Akron Sail and Power Squadron is one of the largest of 350 squadrons in the United States Power Squadrons, which has over 25,000 Members.

We’re More Than Your Connection to The Water   Being a member of United States Power Squadrons — America’s Boating Club — is bigger than boating. It’s about friendship, memories that last a lifetime, bettering your community and being the most confident boater you can be.  Members have access to on- and off-the-water activities, cruises and rendezvous, learning opportunities, boating mentors and hands-on boating courses.

Built By Boaters For Boaters   When you join United States Power Squadrons, you’re joining America’s Boating Club, a community that was built by boaters, for boaters. You’re building a lifetime of memories together on the water, on shore and by giving back to your community. Whether you’re passionate about cruising, racing, making new friends, volunteering in your community or learning from experienced boaters, Akron Sail and Power Squadron has the resources you need to engage your passions and, perhaps, instill some new ones.

On the Water   Who doesn’t have a smile on their face whenever they’re on a boat? You can’t help yourself. Boating is the definition of getting away from it all. And getting away from it all is always more fun as a member of America’s Boating Club. Beyond being a safe and confident boater, you’ll also enjoy cruises, activities, and unlimited fun with squadron friends.

On Shore   Camaraderie doesn’t stop at the dock. That’s what makes us different. Our focus is providing unsurpassed boating safety education, but our heart is about membership that doesn’t end on Sunday and doesn’t care if the calendar says it’s winter. It’s about being together and building a community through a variety of events like parties, meetings and even just getting together for no reason at all.

An Educated Boater Is a Better Boater   For more than 100 years, United States Power Squadrons — America’s Boating Club — has been leading the way on the importance of boater safety education. And as any one of our members will tell you, an educated boater is a better, more skillful, and safer boater.

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